Simple. COPY and PASTE the following questions and ANSWER them… Then send them in a letter, an E-mail or via social media private message. You may apply anytime during the calendar year. Generally speaking, these applications are reviewed after our current HONORARY CHILD’s Fundraising Campaign has concluded in September-October. Selected applying families are typically notified by Thanksgiving, or Christmas at the latest.

Acknowledgment and Authorization for Representation must be completed by the prospective HONORARY CHILD’s parent or guardian and returned to the State Master Charter, or Intra-State Satellite address enclosed. All requests for representation will be communicated with the State Board of Directors and at a minimum, the following information for consideration will be provided:


1. Written permission for the SAMARITAN RIDERS to represent the minor and to passively solicit funds on their behalf from the public in the form of donations. These will be tallied and given to the child at the end of the ride season. We ask the parent/guardian to provide all pertinent contact information including address, phone numbers, emails, websites, special account information, etc…


2. Provide a select few digital photos and give permission for the SAMARITAN RIDERS to use a digital photograph on our website, social media sites, event flyers and face of our passive collection boxes to be placed throughout the ride season.


3. Written permission for the SAMARITAN RIDERS to share general medical information regarding the child, specifically their diagnosis(s), current therapies and general response to therapies, etc…This permission extends through the following year as many of our facilitators appreciate updates on the HONORARY CHILDREN we have represented.


4. You need to tell the Samaritan Riders specifically where the monies raised will be attributed. This information will be shared on the SAMARITAN RIDERS website, social media sites, event flyers and passive collection boxes… This purpose will be identified in our annual charity filing with the Secretary of State Charities Division. It is a statement identifying a particular medical therapy and or whatever that is needed for that child; such as, to offset medical costs, etc… It is also acceptable to identify a specific want or make a wish for the prospective HONORARY CHILD.


5. If the candidate is terminally ill or a high risk child…The SAMARITAN RIDERS want to know what would the child and or parents or guardian like to see the monies raised on their behalf go to in the event that the child does not live through the ride season. This is a very empowering decision for an ill child to make, but one that we would consider our greatest honor to make happen.


DISCLAIMER OF SERVICE: “Submission of this information does not guarantee representation” is here by clearly stated. This statement will be reiterated with any acknowledgements of interest prior to and after receiving this information, and again upon receipt of it post submission. The SAMARITAN RIDERS recognize that sometimes medical treatments require that you and the child temporarily move away from your geographical home. Don’t let this discourage you from applying.

  • However, if moving outside of Washington State prior to the ride season of representation, and for reasons other than medical treatment… Your situation will be assessed on its merit and may result in either: a) continued representation; b) modification of representation terms; or c) recantation of the representation agreement. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


FEE FOR SERVICE: If selected, the SAMARITAN RIDERS of Washington State will withhold 10% of total collection donations to cover the Site Surcharge for Specific Public Event coordination and misc. Event Tables and Site Operations (i.e; office supplies, local filings, event advertisements, and equipment purchase/replenishment) for the purpose of raising monies and awareness for their represented children. The remaining percentage of this fee will be applied to the State operations and overhead (i.e; State, Local, Federal and Organizational renewals and or event insurance if necessary as stated on the Acknowledgement and Authorization for Representation.


What kind of Motorcycle Club is the SAMARITAN  RIDERS?

We are NOT a Motorcycle Club in the traditional “MC” sense. The SAMARITAN RIDERS are a motorcycle riding charitable organization. The SAMARITAN RIDERS are community oriented and proud to consider ourselves good citizens! The SAMARITAN RIDERS are accountable to the Secretary of State, Department of Revenue and the IRS. 

We are proud to be an American Motorcyclist Association Service Charter and believe in the freedom of the road and apply ourselves to the “Give Respect – Get Respect” and “Live & Let Ride” principles of motorcycling. There are Rules for Conduct and common sense Rider Etiquette that must be adhered to ensure the organizations’ integrity, and to provide for the safe travel of our members.

At no time will the SAMARITAN RIDERS of Washington support activities outside of the law or be responsible for any individuals’ action(s) which may result in the civil litigation and or criminal prosecution against them.


Why do I need a SAMARITAN Riders Back Patch when I am free to ride and enjoy the road without one?

Short answer:

You don’t. Being a General Member is not a guarantee that you will like our organization, structure or leadership. Nor is it a guarantee of ever receiving a SAMARITAN RIDERS Back Patch, but it is a start… We have no expectations of you to participate in what we do, we are appreciative of any efforts that you put forth on behalf of the children we represent. We are looking for the 33% who try us out and keep on coming back!

Long answer:

Some people need or want more, something that is larger than themselves, something with a purpose to fill a void that is missing. The SAMARITAN RIDERS is a charitable organization of dedicated motorcyclists who join together for camaraderie and strength in numbers to do good with peer group acceptance to accomplish shared vision. Many people wish to volunteer their time and services but do not know how to go about doing so, or even what opportunities are out there…

For some, it is an opportunity to give back to their community or to specifically help those less fortunate than they. Others wish to demonstrate their support for this cause, or that event that they themselves find important and/or personally satisfying. Still others like the sense of belonging to something that is greater than any one individual…Even if you never once volunteer for a charitable event or honorary mission – But instead choose to ride the big rides…There is pride associated with explaining the premise and the role of the SAMARITAN RIDERS in the community, and the efforts of our members to be good citizens – neighbors helping neighbors.


The SAMARITAN RIDERS business is to provide its General Members and Associates a variety of opportunities to choose which events are to their individual liking. When you share common interests with another rider, it is easier to step up to a task. We provide no individual pressure to do this – which is one of our biggest selling points. Lastly…There are no words to explain the feelings of unity you have when riding in a line of motorcycles on the highway, or rolling side by side in a parade. It is like family…No – It is:

Our Associates proudly wear our trademarked 2010 and 2014 SAMARITAN RIDERS BACK PATCH™ because each of them have put in their time and demonstrated their individual and collective commitments to this organizations mission and vision.


What if I do not have a motorcycle to ride? Can I still join the SAMARITAN  RIDERS?

Yes. The SAMARITAN  RIDERS have “Riders” and “Non-Riders” in our General Membership who support our cause(s). Often times, these parties live in adjacent counties to our Satellite – That is how we have grown. Interested parties who are 21 and over may email us or private message us via social media to request a General Membership Application.

You will be asked to complete the brief “get to know you” General Membership application and are asked to return it with a one-time, non-refundable administrative fee of $15.00. When that is processed, the new General Member will introduced into the organization and will gain access to their sites General Membership forum. From there, you will receive an orientation packet and be apprised of up and coming events. There will be no annual dues to maintain this General Membership.


What if I do not live near Okanogan or Spokane County…Is there a local SAMARITAN RIDERS chapter near me?

As of 2017 – Not yet…. While we have more than a few General Members and Associates who live outside these Counties, their numbers are not sufficient to begin e new Satellite Chapter.

Currently we have growing lists of interest in Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Adams and Yakima Counties. If you live in any of these counties, ContactUSWAMC@SamaritanRiders.org and we will put you in touch with a perspective riding group. Preferably, we would like you to participate in our charitable efforts and have a firm understanding of how the SAMARITAN RIDERS organization operates.

If you live outside of the commuting distance to the Okanogan County Master Charter, or Spokane County Satellite Chapter and demonstrate that you are committed to the SAMARITAN RIDERS goals and principles – You may well be on your way to establishing your own local charitable riding group. 

There is a process in place for our organizations growth based upon the Give Respect – Earn Respect principle. It is an time intensive and money expensive screening process that is designed to ensure that our organization maintains its structural integrity by recruiting only those with the purest intentions for our mission success. This is a broad and simplistic overview of that process:

  • The first phase in this process involves establishing an interested pool in a geographical area. Specifically, we require a minimum of 5 riders who need to  contact us with their interest and intentions in their riding area. Each would need to complete a General Membership application.

  • Second phase is selecting the right persons committed to the goals and principles of the SAMARITAN RIDERS organization and determining who are willing to carry it forward. After the review of the General Membership applications and necessary background checks, we will invite the interested parties to attend a meet and greet with our leadership and later Associate Quorum.  Based upon those encounters, the State Master Charter Board of Directors may extend conditional Associate status to those still interested in our organization. As a “probationary Intra-State Satellite” each interested conditional Associate has the opportunity to lay the foundation for a local riding charitable group of their own. The State Master Charter Board of Directors will appoint 3 as potential officers in training and their appointed Officer Counterparts will MENTOR them in their individual site roles.

  • Third phase is the longest with purposeful observation and feedback, encouraging their success while maintain the goals and vision of the SAMARITAN RIDERS. Our hope is that they will actively serve their local community by identifying a local child in need. This probationary period is designed to learn the business and operations of the SAMARITAN RIDERS. There should be a lesser focus on recruitment efforts as the organizations Leadership wants quality, not quantity fo General Members and / or Associates. If successful in their probationary endeavors, they will receive full rights as SAMARITAN RIDERS Associates and the local leadership will assume their role as Site Officers within the State Board of Directors.


What are the SAMARITAN RIDERS membership fees?

The SAMARITAN RIDERS of Washington State are a 501.c.4 Social Welfare Organization and we do not have membership dues. Nor is our General Membership required to attend meetings or events. Their participation is 100% voluntary, never expected, but always appreciated!


How do I get a SAMARITAN  RIDERS Back Patch

The SAMARITAN RIDERS BACK PATCH™ is reserved for our ASSOCIATES. As a General Member – you are a volunteer with an opportunity to participate in our events and functions. The more you show up to participate; the more you show up to become familiar with our organization… The more you EARN your RESPECTS and the more our Associate Quorum becomes familiar with you which increases your chances at a future Associate invite.

Since 2009, the SAMARITAN RIDERS Leadership have learned through trial and error. In the 1st 5 years we would gain 3 and loose 2 (thus the 33% references). Our Leadership has since adopted a simple screening process… Time and observation… This lets folks prove whether or not they will do what and when they say they will do something. We have lost a great many of quality people because they came into the SAMARITAN RIDERS with big ideas on how to do it better. Hindsight shows they had a poor understanding of what ‘volunteer means’ in regards to the day-to-day operations of the organization. Many were impatient and had a false sense of entitlement and high expectations of compromise. Most had no time under their belts, when compared to those who have made the organization what it is. And, despite our transparency, lacked a basic understanding of how we operate internally. They were focused on themselves, what they wanted and critical of what they were not given (patches, votes, compromise). Some thought the hand-full of social events they attended qualified for Office or equality among the Associates. They did not yet experience the work that goes into the children we represent and the communities we serve. They either did not EARN their RESPECTS, or quit GIVING RESPECTS leading to their departures.

TO BE CLEAR: General Members do no solicit Associate Status. Their actions speak for them selves. Associate Status comes to General Members by invite only. Those General Members have demonstrated, by their ACTIONS, that they are willing to work for the good of the organization in the long term.


What if I am injured during a Scheduled Ride, Charitable Event or Honorary Mission?

At no time will the SAMARITAN RIDERS of Washington organization be responsible for any injuries and or accidents that occur while on a Scheduled Ride, Charitable Event or Honorary Mission. We promote safe riding habits, but you will ride at your own risk.


If I leave the SAMARITAN RIDERS organization, will I be able to keep my patches?


Both our Associate’s and General Members have the opportunity to purchase SAMARITAN RIDERS specific apparel, to include clothing, 3″-5″ patches, nameplates and annual rockers. These are purchased for their ownership.

An Associate’s VEST LEASE however is outfitted and organization specific. It belong to SAMARITAN RIDERS of Washington State – Okanogan County (SROWA-OKCO) Master Charter, which is a legal entity, an AMA Service Charter and Washington State Non Profit Charitable Organization – There are “rules of the road” and trespasses which may put the integrity of the organization and safety of its members at risk. We can not afford to allow rogue SAMARITAN  RIDERS Back Patch™ to be traveling the road and possibly jeopardizing the networks of Respect and Acceptance that we strive to establish and diligently maintain.

Any ASSOCIATE who was leased a SAMARITAN RIDERS BACK PATCH™ understands and attests that it is the trademarked business logo for our organization and will remain the trademarked property of the SAMARITAN RIDERS of Washington State – Okanogan County (SROWA-OKCO) Master Charter, and as such, will be returned to the organization upon any Associates’ voluntary departure or involuntary expulsion.